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Current Photos of Nicole
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Nicole's trip to British Columbia and Arizona - January 2011

Nicole at the Chicago Airport.
Scott, Lee Ann and Nicole went out to Pender Island to visit Lee Ann's parents, John and Judith Allen.... it was a long trip frm Michigan to British Columbia but it was a very enjoyable vacation. Scott spent 10 days on Pender Island then headed back to Michigan while John, Judith, Lee Ann and Nicole headed south to Arizona for a few weeks.

Nicole having fun with Daddy on Pender Island
Nicole, Scott and Nana
going for a walk in the woods on Pender.
Nana and Papa on the Pender Island Ferry with Nicole.
Four Generations....
Judith Allen,
her mother Dorothy who is 102 years old,
her daughter Lee Ann and Granddaughter Nicole.
Walking on the beach in front of Nana's house.... Goldie and Taffy came along for the walk too.
UKC CH Joy-A-Len's Feisty Penderite ~ Taffy
It was a little chilly
but Nicole enjoyed playing on the beach anyway.

Taffy playing with Nicole

Playing with Bouviers is a blast...
even Robbie played with me.
It was a four day drive to Arizona... Goldie and Nicole kept each other entertained in the back seat of the truck.
Nicole and Robbie became good friends...

Nicole, Nana and Robbie...
out for a walk in Mesa, Arizona
Canyou Lake & the the Dolly Steam Boat Tour

Nicole and Lee Ann cruising Canyon Lake.
Nicole and Nana enjoying the cruise.

We also went to the Phoenix Zoo...
can you see the Giraffes behind us?
You know it was a great day at the zoo...
when Nicole was falling asleep before we even left.
We took Robbie to the
Lost Dutchman Kennel Club Dog Show in Phoenix...
Robbie and Nicole had a fun day
and napped on the way home.

Nicole had a great time playing with Robbie and Taffy.
Lee Ann, Nicole and Judith went to
the Goldfield Ghost Town and Gold Mine.
The Superstition Mountains are in the background.

Well... after being gone for six weeks...
it is time to go home!!!

It looks cold out there!


December 2010
Nicole visiting Santa - December 2010
Scott, Sydney, Santa, Cruiser, Lee Ann and Nicole
Nicole on Christmas Morning
Nicole helping out at the K9 Fancier Dog Show in Kalamazoo.


November 2010
Nicole and Sydney watching for squirrels.
Echo pulling Nicole in her stroller
Echo and Sydney... both pulling Nicole.
Nicole practicing for a dog show!
It is getting cold outside.


October 2010 ~ Nicole went to a Halloween Party as a Butterfly
Playing Bean Bag Toss
Getting a whack in on the Pinata
Anyone want to carve a pumpkin?
With four Bouviers in the house, Nicole loves Kitty Cats.
But she also loves Sydney...
and Sydney loves her! ! ! !
Nicole has a new suitcase... and she is ready go to visit Papa and Nana in British Columbia

Maggie waiting for a cracker.

Nicole has graduated from the high chair and now sits at the table for dinner.
We watched It's a Great Pumpkin, Charilie Brown and Nicole loved it!
Syndey and Nicole
Nicole and Maggie
Nicole enjoys reading books with Daddy!


September 2010
Whether she is riding her bike or riding the 4-wheeler with the neighbor.... Nicole loves to play outside !

Nicole playing with Maggie and snuggling with Sydney.
Since Echo, Cruiser and Sydney are always on the move and Maggie isn't...
So Maggie is the one that gets decorated during play time!
Maggie just turned 11 years old.

Lee Ann tried to get a picture of Nicole
with Maggie, Cruiser, Sydney and Echo.
The dogs would stay, Nicole would not.

Fall is here and the apples are ready!

That also means Halloween is coming!

Take a quick look...
Nicole doesn't leave the bows in her hair for very long!




July and August 2010

Nicole has been helping Lee Ann with collecting
dog dishes after the Bouviers are done with breakfast

A little Monkey!!
Nicole helping pick up sticks.
Nicole enjoys playing with the neighbor.
Maggie puts up with a lot from Nicole because Nicole feeds her crackers....
even brushing !!!
Nicole helping to sweep up dog hair!!!
Nicole helping with dinner.
Nicole's Canadian Roots are showing... she is a hockey fan!!
Relaxing the day away!!

Helping Daddy in the Trophy Room again at the Youth Fair.
Peek-a-bo ~ where did Nicole go?

Anyone what to go swimming?
Nicole in her office scheduling her busy days!



May, June and July 2010

How are you today?
I've been very busy playing with the puppy, eating and sleeping.
Mommy calls the puppy and I "double trouble" !!!
Cruiser loves to give me kisses.
Maggie likes attention too.
I'm learning to swim !!!

The sign of a good nap
is BED HEAD ! ! ! !


Guess what I tried today .... I tasted DIRT ! !
It didn't taste very good....
and mommy said that I should not eat it....
but where is the fun in that?

Echo helped me dig in the dirt.

The puppy and I played ball.
The puppy and I had a nice day outside in the yard.




Echo tried to get into the picture.

Our Neighbor Wes gave Nicole a swing ... she LOVES it!!
Nicole helping make dinner.
Syndey is warning Nicole
about the dangers of soap and water!

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