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Current Photos of Nicole and Lucas
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We are going to Nana and Papa's in Arizona for January 2012... bye, bye, Michigan Snow!
Lucas slept most of the way but Nicole was helpful entertaining him when he was awake.
400 miles down ... 1400 to go....
By the time we hit New Mexico, we were all asking " are we there yet? "
Even Sydney was sick of being in the car!!
Lucas kept sleeping and Nicole manage to smile almost the whole way there.

But we were all


to finally reach Mesa, Az.

Nana was happy to see her grandson.

Lucas was happy to move around
after sitting in a car seat for so long.
We had Christmas again at Nana and Papa's house.
Taffy and Nicole working on their Christmas gifts.

Nana found the perfect gift for a girl who loves orange.

We went to the Phoenix Zoo for their ZooLights.
The whole zoo was decorated
with thousands and thousands of lights.... very pretty.
Nicole loved it.

Nicole, Sydney and Taffy

Nicole's favorite thing to do
in the Arizona sunshine
was go to the park !

Taffy, Robbie and Sydney enjoyed the walks too.


"Sydney, get out of the way."


"I love my daddy"



Taffy, Sydney, Judith, Robbie and Lucas

Robbie and Lucas

Lucas, Judith and Robbie

Babysitting... wears Taffy out.
Lucas was playing with Sydney's toes...
Sydney puts up with a lot... but she loves Lucas.

Taffy and Robbie after a 3 mile run with Lee Ann.
Lucas got a car track for Christmas but Nicole and Taffy had the most fun with it.
Taffy was really curious about the cars
as they raced around the track.
Lucas enjoys watching them too.
We are going home to see Daddy.

Lucas and Nicole waiting for their flight to South Bend.

We had a great time in the Arizona
but we are glad to be home.

Cruiser, Maggie and Echo were happy to see us too.

While we enjoyed the Arizona Sunshine...
we also like to play in the Michigan Snow.


Lucas and Maggie

4 1/2 months and 12 years

Hey, when is Santa coming? ...
Not for another couple weeks..
It is so hard to get a toddler to sit still for pictures.

Opps... Lucas's hat slipped!

Lucas was caught peeking.

Lucas and Lee Ann

Nicole and Lucas

Nicole and Lucas
2.5 years and 4 months
Happy Thanksgiving !
Lucas and Sydney .... Cruiser and Nicole
Scott and Lee Ann's kids are loved by their Bouviers.
Nicole working outside with Daddy.
Lucas at 3 months old.
Let's carve some pumpkins !!


Happy Halloween ~ 2011
Lucas ended up being a Polar Bear at the party because it was a little chilly.

Nicole enjoyed the Halloween Party.
Nicole had a blast wacking at a pinata!
She also played Pumpkin Bowling and walked through a haunted barn.

She was an adorable little pumpkin!

Nicole enjoyed searching for candy in a hay bale
and going for a hayride at the Heinbeck Hayride.
Lucas and Nicole playing at home!



Papa enjoying some time with the grandkids before heading back to British Columbia.
Nicole was helping Daddy fix the brakes on the truck.
Nicole loves her new play set... especially the slide.
Daddy is showing Nicole
how an excavator works.

Lucas at 2 months old.

Lee Ann and Lucas
Lee Ann took Sydney, Echo, Nicole and Lucas
to the Echo Club building to train for an upcoming Agility Trial.
Nicole enjoyed "helping".

Echo SIT






Sydney JUMP

All that training resulted in Sydeny finishing
her NAP title with a perfect score of 100 points
and a first in her class.

Novice Agility Preferred

This is Sydney's first agility title.

Nicole stayed home with Daddy
but Lucas spent the weekend at the trial with Lee Ann.



Lucas Allen Layman was born on July 21st, 2011
Lucas weighed 9 lbs 7 ozs and was 21 inches long.
Lee Ann, Nicole, Scott and Lucas
Lucas and Nicole
Maggie napping with Lucas
Lucas at two weeks old.
Nicole... showing off her great smile.
Nicole enjoying the neighbor's pool with Daddy.
Nicole hanging out with Lucas.
Lucas attended his first dog show at a week old. It was the Echo Club UKC Obedience and Rally Trial on July 30 and 31, 2011with Robbie and Taffy.
These are pictures of Lucas at his second dog show at three weeks old. It was at the Lakeshore Siberian Husky Club's UKC Conformation Show
with Cruiser, Robbie and Sydney on August 13 and 14, 2011.
Nicole enjoyed playing with Sydney's puppies and even helped put down clean puppy papers in the laundry room.
Family Photos
John, Judith holding Lucas, Scott and Lee Ann holding Nicole.
Proud Grandparents - John and Judith
Proud Parents - Lee Ann and Scott
Back row: Echo, Cruiser, Nicole, Lucas, Robbie and Taffy.
Laying down: Goldie, Maggie and Sydney.

Nicole's favorite color is orange.

Lucas at one month old.




Nicole and Daddy
playing with My Little Ponies.
Nana and Nicole
were cheering for
the Vancouver Canucks
to win the Stanley Cup.
Nana, Nicole, Goldie and Maggie
playing with blocks.
Nana and Nicole are playing
games on the laptop.
Nana was teaching Nicole her alphabet.
Nicole enjoying a glass of milk and a brownie.

Papa and Nicole at the UKC Premier 2011.

Nicole trying to take a nap at the UKC Premier 2011
Papa and Nicole... were caught napping.

Lee Ann's couch got a little crowded
when Echo, Goldie, Nana and Nicole
all tried to take a nap together.

Nicole playing on her laptop.
Nicole and Sydney playing in the yard.
Cruiser and Taffy are in the background.

Robbie, Grace, Goldie, Echo, Sydney, Taffy, Cruiser, Nicole
and Maggie laying down in front.
A Full House...
John and Judith are visiting Lee Ann
so there are a few dogs here right now.

Sydney, Grace, Cruiser, Goldie, Maggie and Taffy

Family Photo

Goldie is Cruiser's mother.
Grace and Taffy are Cruiser and Maggie puppies.

Sydney is a Cruiser daughter
and a half-sister to Taffy and Grace.



Goldie gets a birthday hug
from Nicole.
Goldie turned 12 years old
on July 17, 2011.



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