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Current Photos of Nicole and Lucas
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Hope you enjoy the photos!

Lucas enjoying his cake on is 1st Birthday.
Can you believe he is a year old already?

I have 5 teeth now!

Just because it is raining...
doesn't mean you have to stay inside!

But make sure to dress for the occassion.

Nicole in the front row!
Nicole enjoyed the rides
at the Berrien County Youth Fair.
August 2012
Since Lucas was too small for the rides at the fair... he came home and played on his toys.
Visits to the Zoo and swimming in the pool... it has been a fun and busy summer.
Lucas can already swim by himself.
Sydney and Lucas enjoying the nice weather.
Lucas is hiding (from his sister) behind the couch
with his ice cream cone!
Nicole found a baby turtle.
Lucas was picking flowers.


A day at the BEACH !!!
Nicole, Sydney and Echo
Lee Ann and Lucas
Scott and Lucas
Lee Ann and Lucas

A perfect day to take your dog for a walk.

Oh... the water is a little chilly.
Leave only footprints in the sand
when you walk your dog on the beach.
I had a great time at the beach!
Lucas loves to play in the water.
We took Grace to Woodstock, Ontario to have her bred with War Avatar. Since we had Nicole and Lucas in tow,
we had to stop at a few parks with the kids. Grace enjoyed it too.

Nicole and Grace walking along the St Clair River in Sarnia, Ontario.

Grace, Nicole, Lucas and Lee Ann at Lakeside Park in Port Huron, Michigan.
Grace along the St Clair River.
Grace, Lee Ann and Lucas at Fort Gratiot Township Park.
Grace and Lucas at Centenial Park in Sarnia, Ontario
Lucas at 10 months old. We were waiting for a ferry to take us from Sombra, Ontario to Marine City, Michigan.
Nicole at 7 months old.
We were waiting for a ferry to take us from Swartz Bay to Pender Island in Britsh Columbia
What is it with Nana and waiting for ferries?
John, Judith, Lee Ann, Nicole and Lucas went up to Holland, Michigan to the Tulip Festival.
Windmill Island, Holland Michigan
Can you believe that Nicole is 3 years old already?
Now that she is 3 years old,
isn't about time that she start showing dogs?

"What breed of dog do you have?' asked Judge Karen Cattin.
"I have a Sydney" replied Nicole.


Nicole showed Sydney in Junior Showmanship
at the Echo Club UKC Dog Show on April 28th, 2012

Lucas at 9 months old.
"The Easter Bunny gave me binoculars."
"Did you see which way he went?"

"I like to go fast... "

"... which is a good thing... because Nicole DRIVES fast! "
"Help... how do I get out of here ?"
Happy Easter!
Ryder (a Sydney x Bear puppy) was visiting while his family was on vacation.

Nicole helps give Lucas a ride.

Echo is helping Lucas get up on his feet.
Maggie doesn't mind helping Lucas either.
Nicole shares her blanket with Cruiser.
She also loves to drive her Toyota FJ Crusier... no matter what the weather.

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