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Robbie's Accomplishments
Canadian Champion, UKC Grand Champion, UKC Rally Obedience Level 1
Joy-A-Len's Majestic Robbins
Canine Good Citizenship

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Cdn CH, UGRCH, URO1 Joy-A-Len's Majestic Robbins CGC

Robbie earned Total Dog at the UKC PREMIER on June 18th, 2011

Robbie earned a score of 92 points out of 100
in Rally Obedience and Award of Merit in Conformation to qualify for
the Total Dog award. He is shown here with co-owner Lee Ann Layman.

Robbie at 25 months old getting ready for the show ring at the UKC Premier in June 2011.


Thank you Judge Beverly Benjes
for our score of 92 points out of 100
and our first UKC Novice Rally Obedience qualifying score.


Robbie and Nicole became great friends in Arizona.

Robbie, Nicole and Taffy.


Robbie is a handsome boy at16 months old.
Robbie kissing Goldie

Time out for a hug at the Flint Dog Show...
Emily Robbins (Judith's grandchild) and Rizzo.

Rizzo at the Flint Dog Show ~ Rizzo is Robbie's brother.


New Canadian Champion !!!
Canadian Champion, UKC Champion Joy-A-Len's Majestic Robbins

Robbie finished his Canadian Championship on the Island Show Circuit on Vancouver Island. Campbell River Dog Fanciers Society, Glacier View Kennel Club and Victoria Kennel Club.

Robbie started and finished his Canadian Championship in 9 days of shows.


Robbie begins his show career !

Straight from Phoenix, Arizona
UKC Champion
Joy-A-Len's Majestic Robbins
10 months old
March 13th & 14th, 2010

Robbie finished his UKC CHAMPIONSHIP
in three shows with a Group 3, Group 2, and Group 1.



Robbie as a puppy.

Robbie is another new addition to the Joy-A-Len family. Born May 12, 2009, he was bred by Lenea Crawford and Rebecca Allen Robbins in Saline, MI. His parents are CH Majestic Sugar Bear and CH Joy-A-Len's Zealous Riley Rebel. His maternal grandmother, Zoe, is also a Joy-A-Len bred female. These photos were taken on our Pender Island hillside where our dogs love to graze each evening. In these photos, they are munching on fresh kelp found floating on the beach below. Kelp is a healthy doggie treat. When purchased in a bottle at a health food store, it is an expensive snack. Robbie has housebroken himself. Surprisingly, he learned to use the doggie door the day after he arrived at 8 weeks old. He lets himself in and out. If he is on the deck with the family and other dogs, as he often is to enjoy a cool breeze from the ocean on a hot day, Robbie will go to the garage door to ask to go outside for a few minutes. He then returns to the door and expects to be let back onto the deck.... a very clever puppy. He wrestles with 2-year-old Taffy but has more respect for Sunny, who only plays with Robbie if he doesn't think we are watching. Goldie is Robbie's mentor. She shares a doggie bed with him and stops the rough-housing if Taffy gets carried away. Robbie shares toys well and has learned to find his favorite toys in the doggie toy box in the family room. He walks well on a lead and is learning the sit command. He is extremely affectionate. He likes to wraps his paws around guests in hopes that he will be picked up and cuddled.


Sheeba and Simba

Sheeba is a Zoe and Sunny puppy.

Simba is a Kneeko and Riley puppy.
Simba is a full brother to Robbie.

Both live in British Columbia.

Simba with his family!


GRCH Majestic Shadow Of Riley

Rizzo is Robbie's full, older brother
from a previous litter of Kneeko and Riley.

Rizzo will be the sire of our next litter in British Columbia
when bred to Taffy in the spring.


Rizzo has had his thyroid, eyes, hips and elbows tested.
He has his UKC Grand Championship
and was #4 in the UKC Top Ten for 2009.


Rizzo's Dad ~ Riley


Am Cdn Champion,
UKC Grand Champion
Joyalen's Zealous Riley Rebel


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