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Echo's Accomplishments

Joy-A-Len's Majestic Echo


Born November 23, 2003

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Health Certifications

Thank you
Judge Julie Hatlas-Pepper
for awarding Echo

Reserve Best in Show

on August 8, 2008 at the
Lakeshore Siberian Husky Club Show


CKC ~ Canadian Kennel Club

Echo has 6 points towards her Canadian Championship

AKC ~ American Kennel Club

RN : Rally Novice

RA : Rally Advanced

RE : Rally Excellent

CD: Companion Dog

Echo has 4 points towards her AKC Championship.

Obedience ~ Hign in Trial
Echo earned Highest Scoring Bouvier in Obedience at the 2007 Bouvier Speciality in Lansing, Michigan on November 30th, 2007


UKC ~ United Kennel Club

In 2005, Echo was ranked # 5 Bouvier in the UKC Top Ten.
In 2007, Echo was ranked #5 Bouvier in the UKC Top Ten.
In 2008, Echo was ranked #10 Bouvier in the UKC Top Ten.

UKC Reserve Best in Show at Trail Creek Dog Training Club in August 2007.

UCH : United Championship
UGRCH : United Grand Championship
UAGI : United Agility Level 1

UAGII : United Agility Level 2

UACH : United Agility Champion

UACHX : United Agility Champion Excellent

UGRACH: United Grand Agility Champion


UKC All-Star!

# 41 UKC Agility Level 3
All Star 2008
All-Breed Agility

# 47 UKC Agility Level 2
All Star 2008
All-Breed Agility

UKC Top Ten !

# 10 Bouvier in UKC Top Ten 2008







UKC All-Star!

# 33 UKC Agility 2 All Star 2007
All-Breed Agility


UKC Top Ten !

# 5 Bouvier in UKC Top Ten 2007



Echo loves agility!

CHECK out some HERDING photos !
with GRCH UACHX Joy-A-Len's Majestic Echo CD, RE, CGC

How to earn UKC titles?

Echo started her Agiltiy Career at the UKC Premier in June 2007.

In four trials that weekend, she earned her UAG1 title with three Qualifying Scores of 200, 189 and 196; ( A perfect score is 200) she also earned her first qualifying score towards her UAG2 title.

On August 19th, 2007, she finished her AG2 title at a Trail Creek Agiltiy Trial with scores of 197 and 192.

Since Echo earned her first two titles with ease, Lee Ann decided to start working towards the UKC Agiltiy Championship title. This title can be difficult to obtain.

Title is earned by: (A) accumulation of 100 points awarded for scores of 196 or more in the Agility 1 and Agility 2 Classes (at least 40 of the 100 required points must be obtained from the Agility 2 Class).

The following schedule is used in the awarding of U-ACH points:
Score of 200 = 10 UACH points
Score of 199 = 6 UACH points
Score of 198 = 4 UACH points
Score of 197 = 2 UACH points
Score of 196 = 1 UACH points

The easiest way to earn a UACH is with 10 perfect scores...
~ Echo came very close to doing just that ~

In two weekends of shows...
Echo earned 9 scores of 200, 3 scores of 199 and 2 scores of 197 for a total of 112 points to earn her UKC Agility Championship !

Now Echo is working on her UACHX ~ Agility Champion Excellent ! She earned 2 qualifying qcores towards this title at Paw Powers in November 2007! She earned a third qualifying score at Smack-Dab's UKC Agility Trial on Dec 29th , 2007. Then she also earned her forth qualifying score back at Paw Powers on February 16th, 2008.
She needs one more qualifying run to finish this title!

In AG3, there is a greater level of difficulty because there are several obstacles (Table, Pause Box and Weave Poles) in which the handler must be 6 feet away from.... essentially you must send the dog away from you to perform the obstacle on their own.

ECHO was ranked #33 out of the TOP 50 All-Breed UKC Agility in 2007.

Echo working towards her UACHX
UKC Agility Champion Excellent

You must earn 5 Qualifying Scores
from AG3 to earn this title...

Echo has 4 Qualifiing Scores towards this title.

Thank you Judge: Norm Minarik

Thank you ~ Brenda Wycoff ~ for the Photo

Echo finished her UGRACH
United GRAND Agility Championship.

Thank you Judge Diane Vlasak

November 15, 2008

To earn a UGRACH a dog must:
At five different UKC Licensed agility trials, earn a qualifying score in each of the three levels of agility classes (AG1, AG2 and AG3) in the same trial with a combined score of 588 points or higher.

Echo, of course,
did this without any trouble!


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